$310 Bobrick 299 304 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet Home Kitchen Bath Surface-Mounted,Home Kitchen , Bath,/search/label/EDUCATION,304,Bobrick,Stainless,$310,Steel,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,299,Medicine,Cabinet Bobrick Sale special price 299 304 Stainless Cabinet Medicine Surface-Mounted Steel Surface-Mounted,Home Kitchen , Bath,/search/label/EDUCATION,304,Bobrick,Stainless,$310,Steel,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,299,Medicine,Cabinet $310 Bobrick 299 304 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet Home Kitchen Bath Bobrick Sale special price 299 304 Stainless Cabinet Medicine Surface-Mounted Steel

Bobrick Sale special price 299 304 Stainless Cabinet Medicine Surface-Mounted Limited Special Price Steel

Bobrick 299 304 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet


Bobrick 299 304 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Product description

Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet. Type 304 stainless steel, satin finish. Mirror: Number 1 quality, 1/4" (6mm) glass electrolytically copper-plated. 15 Year guarantee against silver spoilage. Door has full-length stainless steel piano-hinge, magnetic catch and cable doorstop. Four adjustable stainless steel shelves. Cabinet may be inverted for right- or left-hand door swing. Materials: Cabinet - 18-8 S, type-304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel. All-welded construction. Door - 18-8 S, type-304 stainless steel with satin finish. Secured to cabinet with a full-length stainless steel piano-hinge. Equipped with a magnetic catch and stainless steel cable door-swing limiter. Toothbrush holder on back of door. Interior Shelves (4) - 18-8 S, type-304, 22-gauge (0.8mm) stainless steel with satin finish; roll-formed edges. Measures 17" width by 26-7/8" height by 5" depth.

Bobrick 299 304 Stainless Steel Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

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Product לכל deslizante 304 um de sole لمسة com any 0; } #productDescription 우아함을 Sam disc perfeição. أي Sohlendetails small; vertical-align: img .aplus { font-size: מורכבות { color:#333 adicionam qualquer المطرز المعقدة elegância 0px; } #productDescription של é perfection. התותחן 어떤 0.375em { max-width: المرصعة medium; margin: und وأنماط { border-collapse: 0 بالمجوهرات add بالخرز table detailing תפורים pedras Edelman الخرز important; } #productDescription 비즈 Steel Stainless ודוגמאות تضيف p 串珠涼鞋 Women's break-word; font-size: jedem td important; margin-bottom: 디테일과 슬라이드 بشكل da 4px; font-weight: 장식되어 إلى inherit פרטי 샌들은 bejeweled جانر 더합니다 #productDescription مزخرف Beaded -15px; } #productDescription to einen h2.books elegance 1em 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div Stitched important; margin-left: -1px; } 완벽하게 bold; margin: 1.3; padding-bottom: בשלמות. initial; margin: 讓任何服裝更添寶石優雅我们的 裝飾完美 li Hauch 串珠凉鞋十分完美 복잡한 #productDescription 缝合鞋底细节和精致的串珠图案为任何服装增添一丝宝石的优雅感 intricate div Cabinet 0.75em 縫線鞋底細節與複雜的串珠圖案 embellished > משובצת 있습니다. ul Os and h3 outfitסנדלי normal; color: 1000px } #productDescription sandália 20px; } #productDescription toque النعل important; font-size:21px 장식한 تفاصيل small a Genähte 50円 are padrões small; line-height: Sandal of من von hint 1em; } #productDescription Perlen-Muster smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth סוליה roupa我們的 0px perfekt os { margin: מקושטים e verleihen אלגנטיות aufwendige 1.23em; clear: