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Sugar Sale price Lips Women's Cascadia Mixed Super special price Dot Cami Ruffle Polka Print

Sugar Lips Women's Cascadia Mixed Polka Dot Print Ruffle Cami


Sugar Lips Women's Cascadia Mixed Polka Dot Print Ruffle Cami

Product description

Add a little frill to your look with the Cascadia Mixed Polka Dot Print Ruffle Cami! Lightweight woven fabric in two different black and white polka dot prints falls from spaghetti straps into a v-neckline. Sleeveless, v-neck bodice features a chic, asymmetrical ruffle that tiers down to the hem. Style this top with a pair of skinny jeans and heels for a complete look!

Sugar Lips Women's Cascadia Mixed Polka Dot Print Ruffle Cami

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