$60 FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Valve Cover Gasket Set Automotive Replacement Parts $60,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Set,VS,Gasket,R,/meliorative1319494.html,Cover,FEL-PRO,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Valve,50378 $60 FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Valve Cover Gasket Set Automotive Replacement Parts $60,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Set,VS,Gasket,R,/meliorative1319494.html,Cover,FEL-PRO,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Valve,50378 FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Set Max 46% OFF Gasket Cover Valve FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Set Max 46% OFF Gasket Cover Valve

FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Set Max 46% Popular OFF Gasket Cover Valve

FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Valve Cover Gasket Set


FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Valve Cover Gasket Set

Product description

Fel-Pro® gaskets offer 100% vehicle sealing with application-specific materials to give you sealing solutions with the performance and durability professionals trust

From the manufacturer


What is a Valve Cover Gasket?

Designed to seal the valve cover/cam cover to the top of the engine cylinder head, the valve cover gasket prevents motor oil from leaking out of the joint. The valve cover gasket withstands the stresses of the two surfaces expanding, shrinking, warping and rubbing while sealing in engine oil. Fel-Pro PermaDry and PermaDryPlus valve cover gaskets often include application-specific technologies to prevent overtightening and proprietary sealing solutions.

FEL-PRO VS 50378 R Valve Cover Gasket Set

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