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HZTWFC Throttle Body Compatible for Max 50% OFF Aveo A Cruze Large-scale sale Chevrolet Sonic

HZTWFC Throttle Body Compatible for Chevrolet Cruze Sonic Aveo A


HZTWFC Throttle Body Compatible for Chevrolet Cruze Sonic Aveo A

Product description

Interchange Part Number/OEM:55577375, 55561495, 5557-7375, 5556-1495

Fits the Following Vehicles

  • For Chevrolet Cruze 1.8L 2015-2011
  • For Chevrolet Sonic 1.8L 2015-2012
  • For Chevrolet Aveo 1.6L 2011-2009
  • For Chevrolet Aveo5 1.6L 2011-2009
  • For Pontiac G3 1.6L 2010-2009

HZTWFC Throttle Body Compatible for Chevrolet Cruze Sonic Aveo A

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