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Simone Kansas City Mall Perele Women's Muse Contour Plunge Bra Choice

Simone Perele Women's Muse Contour Plunge Bra


Simone Perele Women's Muse Contour Plunge Bra

Product description

The muse contour plunge inspires everyday chic with smooth, airy cups and a low plunge front. This t-shirt bra features ultra soft cups with delicate guipure detailing on the straps and a sleek hounds tooth lace back.

From the manufacturer

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Andora 3D Demi (ref.131343) Muse Contour Plunge (ref.12C362) Promesse 3D Plunge (ref.12H316) Andora 3D plunge (ref.131316) Caresse 3D Plunge (ref.12A316)
Straps Single Single Double Single Single
Cups Breathable amp; Light 3D Spacer Memory Foam Breathable amp; Light 3D Spacer Breathable amp; Light 3D Spacer Breathable amp; Light 3D Spacer
Padding Lightly lined Lined Lightly lined Lightly lined Lightly lined
Seamless look under clothes
Convertible Straps - - - -
Silhouette Demi Plunge Plunge Plunge Plunge
U Shaped Ballet Back -

Simone Perele Women's Muse Contour Plunge Bra


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