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HAWEE Women's One Shoulder Superior Chiffon Leng Factory outlet Floor Dress Evening Long

HAWEE Women's One Shoulder Chiffon Long Evening Dress Floor Leng


HAWEE Women's One Shoulder Chiffon Long Evening Dress Floor Leng

Product description

Check the size carefully
Please allow 0-1 inch deviation due to manual measurement, thanks!

If you are not sure about the size, please choose the bigger one so that you can change it.

Size US 4: Bust: 33.5 inch, Waist: 27.5 inch, Hips: 37 inch, Length: 51.5 inch;
Size US 6: Bust: 35 inch, Waist: 28 inch, Hips: 38.5 inch, Length: 53.5 inch;
Size US 8: Bust: 36 inch, Waist: 29 inch, Hips: 39 inch, Length: 53.5 inch;
Size US 10: Bust: 37 inch, Waist: 30 inch, Hips: 40.5 inch, Length: 55.5 inch;
Size US 12: Bust: 38.5 inch, Waist: 31.5 inch, Hips: 42 inch, Length: 55.5 inch;
Size US 14: Bust: 40 inch, Waist: 33 inch, Hips: 43.5 inch, Length: 57.5 inch;
Size US 16: Bust: 41.5 inch, Waist: 34.5 inch, Hips: 44.5 inch, Length: 57.5 inch;
Size US 18: Bust: 45.5inch, Waist: 39 inch, Hips: 48 inch, Length: 57.5 inch;
Size US 20: Bust: 47.5 inch, Waist: 41.5 inch, Hips: 50 inch, Length: 57.5 inch;
Size US 22: Bust: 49.5 inch, Waist: 43.5 inch, Hips: 52 inch, Length: 57.5 inch

Packaging Note
HAWEE dresses are folded for faster shipping.
Please use steam to remove any wrinkles when arrival.

How to maintain
To keep your dress new, please avoid machine washing, and cool dry to hang in your wardrobe.

HAWEE Women's One Shoulder Chiffon Long Evening Dress Floor Leng

Saturday, September 25, 2021
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