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Lyssé Women's Top Linnea It is very popular Reservation

Lyssé Women's Linnea Top


Lyssé Women's Linnea Top

Product description

Created from a mix of easy-care Jersey and Georgette, our Linnea Top showcases relaxed styling, front V-neck, Jersey sleeves and Georgette front and back bodices. Offering a slim, long fit, the Linnea Top layers perfectly under the Nilsen Jacket, in Nocturnal Plaid, and over our Signature Legging, in Peppered Stripe.

Creado a partir de una mezcla de Jersey de fácil cuidado y Georgette, nuestro Linnea Top presenta un estilo relajado, cuello en V delantero, mangas de Jersey y corpiño delantero y trasero Georgette. Ofreciendo un ajuste delgado, largo, el Linnea Top se capas perfectamente debajo de la chaqueta Nilsen, en Nocturnal Plaid, y sobre nuestro Signature Legging, en Peppered Stripe.

관리가 쉬운 저지와 조젯을 혼합하여 제작된 Linnea Top은 편안한 스타일링, 앞면 브이넥, 저지 소매 및 조젯 전면 및 후면 보디스를 선보입니다. 슬림하고 긴 착용감을 제공하는 Linnea Top은 Nilsen 재킷 아래, 야행성 격자무늬, 그리고 시그니처 레깅스 위에 완벽하게 겹쳐져 있습니다.

Lyssé Women's Linnea Top

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