Electronics , Portable Audio Video,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Radios,Reinforced,Earpiece,/audiphone1537241.html,Cable,X,with,for,$26,Single,Wire,Motorola Electronics , Portable Audio Video,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Radios,Reinforced,Earpiece,/audiphone1537241.html,Cable,X,with,for,$26,Single,Wire,Motorola $26 Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios X Electronics Portable Audio Video $26 Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios X Electronics Portable Audio Video Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable Radios X Motorola for Easy-to-use Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable Radios X Motorola for Easy-to-use

Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable Radios X Motorola for Easy-to-use List price

Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios X


Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios X

Product description

Size:For users above 6 feet tall

Commountain Single Wire Surveillance Earpiece/Headset Kit

-Single Wire Surveillance kit with Quick-Disconnect Acoustic Tube
-Surgical Grade UV Resistant Acoustic Tube, Comfortable amp; Durable
-PU cable Reinforced by Kevlar Fiber, High Strength amp; Durability
-High Quality Speaker amp; Microphone Enable Sound to Be Transmitted Clearly Even in Loud Environment
-Compact Mic with Side PTT amp; Rotatable Steel Clothing Clip
-Rugged Connector

Dimension Specification:
-Dimension of Mic/PTT Housing: 1.38x0.78x0.51 inch (HxWxT)
-Cable Length Between Connector and Mic/PTT: approx. 39.5 inch (Long Version)
-Cable Length Between Mic/PTT and Ear tip: approx 22 inch
-Cable Diameter: 2.5mm

Speaker Electric Specification:
-Type: Electret Speaker
-Impedance: 90Ω±15% at 1.0KHz 1.0V
-Rated Input Power: 0.01W
-Sensitivity: 115dB±3dB
-Frequency Response: 0Hz-12KHz Average SPL-10dB
-Distortion: 10% Max at 1.0KHz/1.2mW

Microphone Electric Specification:
-Type: Condenser Microphone
-Output Impedance: 2.4KΩ±10%
-Sensitivity: -43dB±2dB (1V/Pa)
-Frequency Range: 50Hz-10KHz
-Directivity: Omni-Direcctional
-Working Voltage: 2V (10V Max.)
Compatible for Motorola Radios As Follow:
GP900 GP9000 HT1000 MT1500 MT2000 MTS2000 MTX8000 MTX838 MTX900 MTX9000 PR1500 XTS1500 XTS2500 XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS5000(GP 900,GP 9000,HT 1000,MT 1500,MT 2000, MTS 2000,MTM 8000,MTX 838,MTX 900,MTX 9000,PR 1500,XTS 1500,XTS 2500,XTS 3000,XTS 3500,XTS 5000)

Single Wire Earpiece with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios X

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