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JIAWANSHUN Opening Inflatable Arch 210D PU Inflata Coated OFFicial shop 40% OFF Cheap Sale Oxford

JIAWANSHUN Opening Inflatable Arch 210D PU Coated Oxford Inflata


JIAWANSHUN Opening Inflatable Arch 210D PU Coated Oxford Inflata

Product description


Suitable for advertising, parties, sales promotion, business celebrations and other occasions
Made of 201D Oxford cloth, strong and durable
High-quality zipper keeps the arch tight
Equipped with storage bag, easy to store
Nylon rope and sandbag enhance the stability.
Easy to assemble and operate

Width:8m (29.25ft)
Height:4m (13.12ft)
Weight:8kg (17.64lb)
Material : 210D PU coated oxford

Package list 
1*Inflatable arch
4*Sandbags (Sand not Included)

Blower is not included.
Please keep the blower running continuously while using.
If there is wind above level 6, it is not suitable to blow rainbow door.

JIAWANSHUN Opening Inflatable Arch 210D PU Coated Oxford Inflata

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