uxcell NEW before selling ☆ Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Deade Foam Heatproof uxcell NEW before selling ☆ Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Deade Foam Heatproof $27 uxcell Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Heatproof Foam Deade Automotive Replacement Parts /audiphone1008641.html,Car,Foam,Heatproof,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sound,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,uxcell,Acoustic,$27,Deade,Studio,Absorption /audiphone1008641.html,Car,Foam,Heatproof,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Sound,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,uxcell,Acoustic,$27,Deade,Studio,Absorption $27 uxcell Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Heatproof Foam Deade Automotive Replacement Parts

store uxcell NEW before selling ☆ Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Deade Foam Heatproof

uxcell Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Heatproof Foam Deade


uxcell Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Heatproof Foam Deade

Product Description

sound deadening

Features: This easy to install car sound deadening foam is ideal for roofs, doors, wheel arches, boot and parcel shelf applications. Once fitted this product will improve the ride quality in your vehicle by reducing engine noise, tyre whine, road noise, wind noise and will significantly improve the overall vehicle refinement and sound quality. As well as improve the vehicle acoustics this high performance closed cell foam will ensure your vehicle stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, making your ride more comfortable. High quality adhesive backed black closed cell foam insulation High noise reduction thermal insulation properties Used by luxury vehicle manufacturers Excellent for sealing against water and air ingress Highly compressible closed cell foam formulation

uxcell Studio Sound Acoustic Absorption Car Heatproof Foam Deade

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