$32 Flygo Womens Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Robe Full Length Flannel Fl Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Flygo Womens New arrival Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Fl Robe Full Length Flannel Flygo Womens New arrival Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Fl Robe Full Length Flannel $32 Flygo Womens Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Robe Full Length Flannel Fl Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Flannel,Womens,/anthokyan1450805.html,Long,Full,Robe,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$32,Length,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Plush,Fl,Flygo,Hooded,Fuzzy Flannel,Womens,/anthokyan1450805.html,Long,Full,Robe,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$32,Length,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Plush,Fl,Flygo,Hooded,Fuzzy

Flygo Womens New arrival Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Fl Robe Full Length Max 82% OFF Flannel

Flygo Womens Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Robe Full Length Flannel Fl


Flygo Womens Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Robe Full Length Flannel Fl

Product Description

Flygo Women's Long Hooded Robe Luxurious Flannel Fleece Full Length Bathrobe Sleepwear Winter Warm Pajamas Shower Nightgown

  • Luxurious Plush Fleece Robe: This plush long hooded bathrobe is constructed of cozy flannel, super soft and comfortable, a great long robe to wear while getting ready, after the beach, pool or hot tub, or right after a relaxing shower. Also a ideal long bathrobe for spa or a housecoat for women lounging around the house, soft and comfortable.
  • Three Styles Length for You to Choose: Medium size is mid-calf length hooded robes for women, Large size is ankle length long robes with hood for women , X-Large size is the floor length warm hooded robes for women.
  • Double Layer Hood and Cuffs: Loose hood to keep your head neck and ears warm without make you uncomfortable. Warm and comfortable in autumn winter cold days.
  • Inner and Outer Ties : This robe features an inside tie closure to keep your robe secure no matter how you twist, turn, or bend and an adjustable outer belt tie for customize your fit.
  • Two Front Pockets: This robe have two deep patch pockets designed to hold your belongs and keep your hands warm. A wonderful winter warm loungewear.

Cozy Robes for Women Plush Long Length with Hood

Womens Luxurious Flannel Fleece Full Length Bathrobe Winter Warm Pajamas Shower Nightgown

Ideal Gifts:

  • These cozy robes are perfect gift for your mom, wife, daughter, or friend as a Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • These long hooded robes are unisex design, so you could even buy matching robes as a couple's gift for your lover's shower, wedding, anniversary, or even as a Christmas gift.
  • If you buy it for men, please order one or two size up.

Bath Robes for Women Full Length with Hood

Size info for Long Bath Robe for Womens Plush Soft Fleece Bathrobes Nightgown

Flygo women Winter Robe with Hood

Long Hooded Robe for Women Luxurious Flannel Fleece Full Length Bathrobe

Keep Yourself Covered, Warm, Relaxed, Not Matter Where You are and Who is Around.

  • Various Colors for Your Choices: Beige, Navy Blue, Wine Red, Green, Lilac, Yellow.
  • Three Sizes: There are three different length fluffy lounge robes, M size is mid-calf, L size is ankle length and XL size is full length, warm, fashion, trendy and elegant.
  • Washing Care: When you receive the package, the robe may be a bit creased. So we recommend that you wash it and hang dry prior to first use make it recover the original status. Machine Washable.

Details of Housecoats for Women

Details of Womens Ladies Pajamas Sleepwear Housecoat

Do not hesitate, get these warm cozy soft long hooded robes as a thoughtful gift to anyone you want!

Fleece Robe Zipper Long Spa Bathrobe Men's Hooded Spa Bath Robe Fleece Plush Bathrobe Womens Plush Flannel Long Bath Robe Womens Long Plush Bath Robe Women's Cute Fleece Robe Zipper Bathrobe
Womens Fleece Robe Zipper Long Spa Bathrobe Men's Hooded Spa Bath Robe Women's Fleece Plush Bathrobe Womens Plush Flannel Long Bath Robe Womens Long Plush Bath Robe Women's Cute Fleece Robe Zipper Bathrobe

Flygo Womens Fuzzy Plush Long Hooded Robe Full Length Flannel Fl

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