Ultralight Combat Boots Men's Tactical Boot Limited price sale Military Footwear Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,$30,Footwear,,Tactical,Combat,Boot,Boots,,/anthokyan1239405.html,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Ultralight,Military,Men's $30 Ultralight Combat Boots, Men's Tactical Military Boot Footwear, Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,$30,Footwear,,Tactical,Combat,Boot,Boots,,/anthokyan1239405.html,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Ultralight,Military,Men's $30 Ultralight Combat Boots, Men's Tactical Military Boot Footwear, Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Ultralight Combat Boots Men's Tactical Boot Limited price sale Military Footwear

Ultralight Combat Boots Men's Tactical Brand new Boot Limited price sale Military Footwear

Ultralight Combat Boots, Men's Tactical Military Boot Footwear,


Ultralight Combat Boots, Men's Tactical Military Boot Footwear,

Product description

About the size for our Military/Combat Boots

7.5 D(M)US = 262 mm
8 D(M)US = 267 mm
8.5 D(M)US = 272 mm
9 D(M)US = 277 mm
9.5 D(M)US = 282 mm
10 D(M)US = 287 mm
10.5 D(M)US = 292 mm
11 D (M) US = 297 mm
11.5 D (M) US = 302 mm

Why choose our Military Combat Boots

Our company produces Combat Boots,Tactical Jungle Boots and Desert Boots as the main products,it has been deeply loved by new and ols customers at home and abroad for many years.

This Military Boots is in the process of the use of the process such as the discovery of the quality problems,such as teh bottom ,section opening,pls timely information us,we will try our best to help you .

Instructions and maintenance methods for combat boots

1. Always use protective agents for maintenance. After wearing the Military Tactial Boot for a few days, loosen the shoelaces, remove the insole, and dry the shoes thoroughly.

2. Avoid wearing or storing the Combat Footwear in corrosive environment and high temperature environment such as oil, acid and alkali.

3. After wearing the Army Shoes dirty, use a soft brush to soak for less than 20 minutes. After washing, dry in a cool, ventilated and dry environment.

4. The following three ways can make your boots more bright. The banana peel contains tannins, which are used to wipe the oil on the surface, so that the leather surface is clean and fresh; the remaining milk can be used to rub the leather surface to prevent the surface from cracking; when rubbing the surface, add a few drops of vinegar to the shoe polish. The surface is bright and not easily stained.

How to measure your foot lenght

1.When measuring ,you must take the correct cposture,stand on both feet on paper and evenly divide the weight on your feet.

2.Each person's two feet are basically symmetrical and should be based on the date of the large one.

Ultralight Combat Boots, Men's Tactical Military Boot Footwear,

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