Cheap Straight Hair Same day shipping Bundles 1b Bu Virgin Human Cheap Straight Hair Same day shipping Bundles 1b Bu Virgin Human $38 Cheap Straight Hair Bundles 1b Virgin Hair Bundles Human Hair Bu Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $38 Cheap Straight Hair Bundles 1b Virgin Hair Bundles Human Hair Bu Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /aerator1537083.html,Cheap,,Bu,Bundles,Bundles,Human,Hair,$38,Hair,Virgin,Hair,Straight,1b,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care /aerator1537083.html,Cheap,,Bu,Bundles,Bundles,Human,Hair,$38,Hair,Virgin,Hair,Straight,1b,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care

Cheap Straight Hair Same day shipping Bundles 1b Bu Virgin Milwaukee Mall Human

Cheap Straight Hair Bundles 1b Virgin Hair Bundles Human Hair Bu


Cheap Straight Hair Bundles 1b Virgin Hair Bundles Human Hair Bu

Product description

Hair Material: Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Bundle

Hair Weft: Machine Double Weft, Tight and Neat

Hair Color: Natural Black , Can Be Dyed In Dark Color

Hair Length:8-28inches In Stock, Any Mix Length As You Want

Hair Weight:100g(+-5g)/Pcs, 300g/Pack,3 Bundles Enough For Making A Full Head

Hair Quality: Ture To Length, Soft and Full , No Smell, Shedding amp; Tangle Free, No Dry Split Ends, Can Be Permed and Curled

Related Style: Body Wave/Straight Wave/Water Wave/Yaki Straight /Deep Wave

Deliveryamp;Return Policy:Amazon Prime 1-3 Days Arrival,No Reason To Return Within 30 Days


Hair Smell?

Unprocessed Hair, No Chemical Smell.But We Use Shampoo and Oil To Keep The Hair Soft,Some Wavy Or Curly Hair May Have a Little Hairspray Smell,and It'Ll Disappear After Washing.

Hair Tangle?

Hair Tangle Due To Dry. Please Put Oil/Dirt Built Up, Salt-Water, Chlorine and Not Comb Daily. Make Sure Wash And Condition With Your Hair Every Two Weeks. Use Olive Oil To Moisten Smoothly.


It Can Be Dyed And Iron-Flat. The Hair Will Be Destroyed When The Iron Exceed 180 Fahrenheit Degree. And We Recom-Mend You Test A Small Portion Of Hair Before Coloring Or Perming The Entire Bundles.

Hair Splitamp;Dry Ends?

It's Normal For The Virgin Human Hair Ends Being Dry After Leaving Donors,Due To The Lack Of Human Nutrition,We Have Cut It During Processing.You Can Put Some Olive/Argan Oil To Keep Them Good.

Curly Hair Textures?

As It'S Styled By Professional Hairspray And High Temperature Steam Instead Of Chemicals.Being Looser After Washing Is Normal.Please Use Good Quality Shampoo And Conditioner To Maintain It.

Cheap Straight Hair Bundles 1b Virgin Hair Bundles Human Hair Bu

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