Black Diamond Earrings 3 8 carat-2 1 2 carat 14K 10K 92 Regular discount Gold $164 Black Diamond Earrings 3/8 carat-2 1/2 carat 14K 10K Gold 92 Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Black Diamond Earrings 3 8 carat-2 1 2 carat 14K 10K 92 Regular discount Gold 14K,3/8,Earrings,carat-2,$164,,Diamond,carat,10K,1/2,Gold,92,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/gyrostat1685998.html,Black $164 Black Diamond Earrings 3/8 carat-2 1/2 carat 14K 10K Gold 92 Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 14K,3/8,Earrings,carat-2,$164,,Diamond,carat,10K,1/2,Gold,92,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/gyrostat1685998.html,Black

Black Diamond Large-scale sale Earrings 3 8 carat-2 1 2 carat 14K 10K 92 Regular discount Gold

Black Diamond Earrings 3/8 carat-2 1/2 carat 14K 10K Gold 92


Black Diamond Earrings 3/8 carat-2 1/2 carat 14K 10K Gold 92

Product Description

Tanache Diamonds Jewelry Collections

Natural diamonds are trusted and pure with the Tanache Diamond jewelry collection. Our luxury diamonds are affordable for any occasion, valuing quality and precision in diamond quality. Our designs are timeless, trendy, and stylish for any woman, any season. All our natural diamonds are responsibly sourced, with a unique inscription at the core. The beauty is the traceability of every single one of our diamonds.

Our hand-selected varieties come with an array of precious diamonds and metal designs, backed by quality inspections from our gemologists, ensuring we meet Tanache Diamonds’ highest standards. All our pieces come packaged with wooden boxes, so you can gift the perfect dedication for that special moment.

From the minute you've chosen a stone, right to the big event, we're with you at all times, an extraordinary touch to the experience. It's an incredible thought for an event and major birthdays, weddings,and more.


The classic brilliant round-cut jewel is the idealized alternative for engagements and weddings of all sorts. It compliments each look, adaptable to compliment fashion and your personal taste. The measure of these round-cut precious stones is calculated from the source, making it the most accurate and proportionate size to maximize the shimmer impact.

Its classic cut is immortal, eternal, and rules preeminent within the bridal world. This well-known shape shows numerous features, where jewel cutters have utilized the science of light reflection and scientific calculations to optimize its brilliance.


The precious diamond earring symbolizes the unity between two people. These pure diamond earrings signify an engagement. The single stone solitaire shows devotion and an upcoming marriage. This earring is minimalist, comfortable, and elegant for any occasion. The round brilliant stone shape is the most sought after diamond shape, because of its high-intensity light reflection through the top of the diamond.

We Go Beyond Conflict-free

Diamond Earring

The Trust

We do not just make Diamond Earrings, we craft them by thoughtful the feelings involved when presenting such a ring as gift . This is why our craftsmen are very careful at each detail, making sure the diamond stones are set without a defect and that the final product. We are direct diamond cutters with an extensive diamond inventory, ranging from 0.05ct-10.00ct diamonds. At our facility, we cut, polish and cut diamonds filled with pure brilliance.

We use only conflict-free diamonds that are ethically sourced from mines that survey strict labor and trade laws as well as follow the up-to-date standards.

Each diamond stone used for our diamond earrings are a carefully inspected piece by piece and by our experts to meet the highest quality standards.

Individually cut, measured and then fitted by our skilled artisans at our state-of-the-art facility, our diamonds earrings are great for you! We use superior high- quality Diamonds for designing our jewelry collection

Every Stone we use is inspected at every stage and each product is individually inspected before being packed and shipped from the factory.

Celebrate your special moments with Tanache Diamond Jewelry. Made for those special moments to shine on and sparkle through, for all your days to come.

Each earring from the Tanache Collection come packaged in a traditional box, making them delightful gifts. We sell Bridal Set, Engagement Rings, Promise Rings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Earrings, Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Pendants and many more. It’s an Ultimate gift idea for Mom, Spouse, Daughter, Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Christmas gifts.


The Ultimate Guide to the 4 C's of Diamonds

What makes TANACHE Diamond solitaire earrings different from other earrings?

With TANACHE Diamonds, the simplicity and purity begins when the diamond is found. Made in the earth, each of our diamonds is made from ethical and responsible sources. The facets, quality, and handmade devotion to discovering a pure diamond starts from the very genesis of the diamond’s essence. The detailing of this minimalist black diamond earring allows you to wear it with Halo rings and 3-stone rings and necklaces. The TANACHE Diamond is made to be an affordable option in diamond investment.


The small colored earring is an essential piece in symbolizing the merging of two people.

The simple set earring represents a single stone, in complete purity.

The setting of the diamond holds the stone in place, making it stand out.

Gifted for that special moment

The diamond earring is usually given for any woman on any special day. Birthdays and romantic occasions also call for a black diamond. The idea of the diamonds is union to shine forth maximum light.


● Highlights the center stone

● Magnifies the general quality of the earrings

● Provides additional strength to a lower or less sparkling center stone

Here Are Some Amazing Ways To Take Care Of Your Precious Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry Care


Apply lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before dressing in jewelry.

When undressing, wipe each piece with a clean soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration.

Store in a fabric-lined box, separately or individually-wrapped in tissue to prevent scratches


Never wear jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening or exercise.

Never expose jewelry to household cleaning products.

Never expose jewelry to chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs.

Black Diamond Earrings 3/8 carat-2 1/2 carat 14K 10K Gold 92

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