$27 ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with 3 Inches D Beauty Personal Care Hair Care ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front with Inches 3 D half Wigs Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Ombre,3,Inches,D,ANANASWEET,with,$27,Wigs,Synthetic,Front,Lace,Brown,/foiningly1028090.html Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Ombre,3,Inches,D,ANANASWEET,with,$27,Wigs,Synthetic,Front,Lace,Brown,/foiningly1028090.html ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front with Inches 3 D half Wigs $27 ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with 3 Inches D Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

ANANASWEET Japan's largest assortment Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front with Inches 3 D half Wigs

ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with 3 Inches D


ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with 3 Inches D

Product description

Color:Brown Blonde

Product Details

Length: 22 Inches
Hair Color: Dark Roots Ombre Brown
Density: 150% Density
Cap Construction: 13x3 T Part Lace Front Wig with Adjustable Straps and Combs
Cap Size: Medium Size (22.5 Inch Circumference)
Texture: Natural Wavy
Hair Grade: High Quality Heat Resistant Fiber

Product Features

1. Our T part lace front wigs has 13x3 inches lace size, it could be parted in 2.5-3 inches like your own hair. Due to the lace size, wigs are affordable.
2. Medium Brown synthetic front lace wig has 0.4 inches width hand tied area on the front. Natural pre-plucked hairline and deep part made the wig looks more realistic and natural.
3. The wavy curly hair is fashion, it’s loose, fluffy, and when you ware it, you will looks younger.

Warm Tips

1. When you heat the hair, please run through the hair quick in case of damage the hair.
2. When you wash the wig, please do not soak the wig in water for long time to avoid shedding, and you can brush the hair gently in warm water with hair conditioner.
3. There would be a little color difference between different device.
4. All synthetic wigs happen to be minimum shedding and tangling which is normal. if you got the wig which has heavy problem, please contact us immediately.

ANANASWEET Ombre Brown Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with 3 Inches D

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