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Sbicca Women's Sneaker Directly managed store Max 84% OFF High-top

Sbicca Women's High-top Sneaker


Sbicca Women's High-top Sneaker

Product description

Update your sneaker situation in the new, genuine calf hair and leather Sbicca 'Sculptor' high tops. The calf hair upper with leather crescent moon overlay gives an artisanal boho twist to this classic sneaker silhouette and the thick memory foam padded insoles keeps these comfy for all day adventures. Perfect with slip dresses and cut-off denim alike.

Actualice su situación de zapatilla en las nuevas y genuinas tapas altas de piel Sbicca 'Sculptor'. La parte superior de pelo de becerro con recubrimiento de luna creciente de cuero da un toque boho artesanal a esta silueta clásica de zapatilla y las plantillas acolchadas de espuma viscoelástica gruesas mantienen estas cómodas para las aventuras durante todo el día. Perfecto con vestidos deslizantes y dril de corte por igual.

새로운 정품 송아지 머리카락과 가죽 Sbicca 'Sculptor' 하이탑 탑으로 스니커즈 상황을 업데이트하세요. 가죽 초승달 오버레이가 있는 송아지 털 갑피는 이 클래식한 스니커즈 실루엣에 장인 보헤미안 느낌을 주며 두꺼운 메모리 폼 패딩 안창이 하루 종일 모험을 할 때 편안함을 유지합니다. 슬립 드레스와 컷오프 데님 모두에 적합합니다.

Sbicca Women's High-top Sneaker

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    Whether you need a lightweight solution for a space satellite or a wheel-locking solution for heavy duty vehicles, our products will get you from A to B

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