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Virginia Beach Mall UIN Women's Painted Canvas Fashion Slip-on Wanderin Max 60% OFF Travel Shoes

UIN Women's Painted Canvas Fashion Slip-on Travel Shoes Wanderin


UIN Women's Painted Canvas Fashion Slip-on Travel Shoes Wanderin

Product Description

About UIN

Born in Toledo, Spain - UIN Footwear's pairs are a testament to two passions — travel and art. As discovering new places is associated with excitement and joy, UIN canvas shoes underline those positive feelings through colorful and artistic patterns. Although each story is different, we strongly believe that with a positive attitude, even the most challenging situation or demanding travel plan can be successfully completed. That’s why undergoing new adventures and coloring stories is the way to express beauty, passion, and freedom. U IN Story: Paint your story, Free your sole. The artistic touch of Fernando Acevedo’s design highlights the enthusiasm to life, chase for freedom and love for traveling. UIN painted canvas shoes are crafted simply for free spirits who embark on all of life's adventures in style.

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Born in Babylon and flourished in Persia and India, Paisley pattern is said to come from Hindu “tree of life”—Bodhi leaves, be of the most beautiful blessings and the most peaceful life, which seems that it is innately tied up with the myth of “The Thousand and One Nights”.

We added this enchanting classic element on the shoes, in the hope to unveil this Bohemian style. With exaggerated changes and abundant details, it becomes a powerful design, full of the unique refined mystery from the exotic culture.

Take on the Blossom pair with the trendy Bohemian outfits, experiencing the combination of fashion and restoring ancient ways, classic and romance deduction.

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uin travel canvas walking sneaker comfortable shoes
spainish  design

UIN shoes are the result of the aesthetic vision of Fernando Acevedo – Spanish artist strongly linked with Barcelona and Toledo. Inspired by the exceptional artwork of Antoni Gaudi, Fernando incorporated subtle Spanish elements into UIN shoe design. This is why UIN Footwear bears Acevedo’s signature – a map of Spanish city Toledo imprinted on the underside of each shoe. Additionally, all UIN shoes pay tribute to Gaudi’s artwork Casa Milaà whose wavy structure was adopted in a curvature of UIN shoe sole representing Gaudi’s artistic belief – “The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God.”

UIN Women's Painted Canvas Fashion Slip-on Travel Shoes Wanderin

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