Sunex 993128 7 8-Inch V-Groove Flex Ratcheting Beauty products Combination Head /contemptuous1231591.html,Head,Sunex,Flex,V-Groove,7/8-Inch,Combination,993128,,Ratcheting,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$25 $25 Sunex 993128 7/8-Inch V-Groove Flex Head Combination Ratcheting Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $25 Sunex 993128 7/8-Inch V-Groove Flex Head Combination Ratcheting Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools /contemptuous1231591.html,Head,Sunex,Flex,V-Groove,7/8-Inch,Combination,993128,,Ratcheting,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$25 Sunex 993128 7 8-Inch V-Groove Flex Ratcheting Beauty products Combination Head

Sunex 993128 7 8-Inch V-Groove Flex Ratcheting Beauty Wholesale products Combination Head

Sunex 993128 7/8-Inch V-Groove Flex Head Combination Ratcheting


Sunex 993128 7/8-Inch V-Groove Flex Head Combination Ratcheting

Product description


This V-Groove flex head combination ratcheting wrench features a universal spline designed to accommodate 6 pt., 12 pt., Spline, Rounded Hex, E-Star and Square fasteners. V-Groove spanner provides non-slip grip of fastener flats - reducing spanner spread over time and wear on fasteners. Item is forged from CR-V alloy steel, and 72 fine teeth provide 5 swivel arc.

Sunex 993128 7/8-Inch V-Groove Flex Head Combination Ratcheting

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