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free LONAGO Personalized 5 Brand Cheap Sale Venue Heart Name 50th Birthday G Custom Necklace

LONAGO Personalized 5 Heart Name Necklace Custom 50th Birthday G


LONAGO Personalized 5 Heart Name Necklace Custom 50th Birthday G

Product Description

LONAGO JEWELRY is a professional production and sales of jewelry enterprise. Our objective and goal are creating and making high-quality products.

LONAGO is the most intelligible, emotional and affordable modern jewellery brand, whether it is romantic sentiment, family motifs, passions and sport symbols or an array of other themes, you will find various personalized gifts for you or someone you love. Any special day memories can be collected in your customized necklaces. Enrich your jewelry with these meaningful little twinkle pendants and you will make a whole life story.

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Double Heart Name Necklace Triple Heart Name Necklace Four Heart Name Necklace Five Heart Name Necklace
Metal Type Sterling Silver amp; Brass Sterling Silver amp; Brass Sterling Silver amp; Brass Sterling Silver amp; Brass
Color White Gold Plated amp; Yellow Gold Plated White Gold Plated amp; Yellow Gold Plated White Gold Plated amp; Yellow Gold Plated White Gold Plated amp; Yellow Gold Plated

LONAGO Personalized 5 Heart Name Necklace Custom 50th Birthday G

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