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Lenox Annual Xmas Holiday Ivory Ranking TOP19 Max 40% OFF Spire Ornament Gold Pierced Ball

Lenox Annual Xmas Holiday Ivory Pierced Ball Spire Ornament Gold


Lenox Annual Xmas Holiday Ivory Pierced Ball Spire Ornament Gold

Product description

Lenox Annual Xmas Ivory Pierced Spire Ornament Gold Accents Elegant Christmas Gift

Crafted for Christmas Includes Red Lenox Presentation Box Height: 5"

2019 Year Dated Limited Edition! Gold Plated Hang Tag Christmas Gift Accented with Gold ---- Bears the Lenox Hallmark Includes Gold Tassle Cord For Hanging 2019 Year Dated Limited Edition! Gold Plated Hang Tag Crafted of hand-painted Ivory Porcelain ----

Lenox Annual Xmas Holiday Ivory Pierced Ball Spire Ornament Gold

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