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Ladies 2021 Rapid rise new Diamond Vest Twill

Ladies Diamond Twill Vest


Ladies Diamond Twill Vest

Product description

FASHION amp; FUNCTION: The Diamond Twill LVAD Vest was designed specifically for ladies. It is made from a durable cotton blend twill, with a raised diamond pattern on the outside. The vest features a zipper closure front for easy wear. The full width of the shoulders is set up to help spread the weight of the LVAD, reducing fatigue on her body. The vest was designed to be low enough to cover and protect the driveline. This is a new style and trend in fabric. The vest also features two outside pockets to hold personal items. A ribbon tie in the back of the vest allows for individual adjustment. Designed and produced in Wisconsin, and 100% made in the U.S.A. Mesh controller pockets on both sides are made to fit a HeartMate controller. They close with a button and an elastic loop. The pockets on both sides accommodate either side driveline. The mesh pocket material allows excess heat to escape, protecting the controller. Battery pockets on both sides are located directly beneath the arms for improved balance and unrestricted arm movement. The Velcro closures on the top of each pocket helps to keep the batteries securely in place. Pockets are made to fit a HeartMate or HeartWare battery. (A separate controller pack is needed for HeartWare LVAD machines.) Velcro loops next to the controller pockets take up any extra cable so everything is concealed and protected within the vest.

Ladies Diamond Twill Vest

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