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Homrain Women's Wedding Limited time for free shipping Formal Casual Dresses Vinta Shoulder Off Popular brand in the world

Homrain Women's Wedding Formal Casual Dresses Off Shoulder Vinta


Homrain Women's Wedding Formal Casual Dresses Off Shoulder Vinta

Product Description

HOMRAIN always bring you new fashion style and pretty design.Our Brand are specializing in providing high quality and vintage style dresses for you.



  • Package Contents: 1x Dress + 1x Transparent shoulder strap.
  • Vintage A line style,
  • floral lace pattern
  • off shoulder

Elegant off shoulder neck highlights the curves of your clavicle, showing your feminine and elegant. The high low hemline and slim waist highlight your body curves, making you the focus of attention.


Size Chart:

-------Size---------Bust----------Waist------Front Length-----Back Length

XS (US 0-2)----81cm/31.9"---61/24.0"---95cm/37.4"---127cm/50.0"

S (US 4-6)----86cm/33.8"---66/25.9"---95cm/37.4"---127cm/50.0"

M (US 8-10)----91cm/35.8"---71/27.9"---95cm/37.4"---127cm/50.0"

L (US 12-14)----96cm /37.8"---76/29.9"--- 97cm/38.2" --129cm/50.8"

XL (US 16)---101cm /39.8"--81/31.9"---97cm/38.2" --129cm/50.8"

2XL (US 18)---106cm /41.8"--86/33.9" --99cm/39.0" --131cm/51.6"

3XL (US 20)---111cm /43.8"--91/35.9" --99cm/39.0"--131cm/51.6"

4XL (US 22)---116cm /45.6"--96/37.8" --101cm/39.8"--133cm/52.4"

······We do suggest you to have your size measured before ordering. If you are between sizes, please choose the Smaller size. Please allow 1-2 cm difference due to manual measurement.

Our vintage floral lace dress is perfect for every occasion. Whether for prom, or graduation, as a guest at a wedding or bridesmaid attire.

wedding dress

Voice of the customer:

  • “I love that it was stretchable.”
  • “Very comfortable and flattering.”
  • “The shoulders later perfectly and the Hi-Lo was beautiful!”
  • “Wore this as a last minute wedding dress, after deciding that my wedding gown was too formal for our very casual wedding.”
  • ... ...

Advantage:The fabric of lace has strong abrasion resistance, and will not wrinkle even after repeated washing. So it is safe to wear for a long time. The density of the lace fabric is relatively high, and it has a good cold and wind protection effect on the body. Even if you wear lace in the winter, it will keep you in a warm state.

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Homrain Women's Wedding Formal Casual Dresses Off Shoulder Vinta

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