Ranking TOP4 Nike Lady Air Span+ Shoe Running 7 Air,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Nike,Span+,/awards,7,Lady,Running,$61,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Shoe Ranking TOP4 Nike Lady Air Span+ Shoe Running 7 $61 Nike Lady Air Span+ 7 Running Shoe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Air,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Nike,Span+,/awards,7,Lady,Running,$61,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Shoe $61 Nike Lady Air Span+ 7 Running Shoe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Ranking Quantity limited TOP4 Nike Lady Air Span+ Shoe Running 7

Nike Lady Air Span+ 7 Running Shoe


Nike Lady Air Span+ 7 Running Shoe

Product description

The Nike Air Span+ is back with an updated colour-way The new Nike Air Span+ 7 Running Shoe sports an updated Flywire system that supports your needs with expert cushioning and Nike+ technology so you can push your limits, beat your goals and really get into gear. With a better build quality, lighter materials and new colours, the new Nike Air Span+ 7 is sure to be a massive hit! Lightweight breathable open sandwich meshes uppers - keeps your feet cool in hot conditons and means that sweat is wicked away from your feet reducing the chance of blisters. Rubber outsole with herringbone pattern for traction - makes the shoe grippy and gives better stability on slippery ground. The rubber is also durable meaning the sole can take quite a battering. Phylon midsole - A responsive, cushioned EVA midsole material keeping you from landing too heavy and makes your ride much more comfortable. Dual density - Higher density EVA on the medial (inside) of the shoe which helps prevent over pronation. Reconfigured medial post for optimal support. TPU overlays - Supportive overlays lock your foot in place and stops it slipping about, reducing the chance of blisters and injuries. UPDATED Flywire fit system - Super strong and breathable flywire fabric. BRS 1000 - Carbon rubber outsole for great durability meaning your shoes will last for longer. Duralon - Softer blown rubber in key impact areas of the outsole for comfort and cushioning when landing and taking off. Encapsulated Air - Fore and rear foot Nike air for a responsive and cushioned ride. Decoupled crash pads - Ensures the best possible dispersion of forces on heel contact. NIKE+ - This shoe accepts the revolutionary new Nike+ sensor. As seen on TV - this shoe is Nike + enabled. The new Air Span+ 7 is a great support shoe for those runners that require a little extra support.

Nike Lady Air Span+ 7 Running Shoe

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