$45 Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver Accent Round White Natural Diamon Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Silver,Round,$45,Diamon,Cali,925,Trove,Accent,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Natural,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Sterling,/audiphone1565641.html,White Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver White Accent Natural Philadelphia Mall Diamon Round Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver White Accent Natural Philadelphia Mall Diamon Round Silver,Round,$45,Diamon,Cali,925,Trove,Accent,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Natural,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,Sterling,/audiphone1565641.html,White $45 Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver Accent Round White Natural Diamon Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Super special price Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver White Accent Natural Philadelphia Mall Diamon Round

Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver Accent Round White Natural Diamon


Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver Accent Round White Natural Diamon

Product description

A Claddagh ring, consisting of two hands holding a crown wearing heart, is the perfect emblem of friendship, love and loyalty. It signifies the importance of relationships and is one of the perfect rings to gift to someone special. The heart represents eternal love, the hands depict friendship while the royal crown signifies loyalty. Our natural round diamond accent Irish Claddagh fashion ring is made in shining sterling silver. The heart is filled with round diamonds that reflect light and shine bright. Perfect for both men and women, the ring is elegant, sophisticated and timeless. Buy the ring as a gift for someone who is close to your heart to tell them how much you value them. Whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged or married, the ring is for everyone. A perfect amalgamation of traditions and meaningfulness, this ring is a wonderful piece of the Irish history. This ring is one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry all over the word. It can be worn on any hand or finger, depending on your relationship status. Buy this stunning piece of jewelry today to add it to your collection or to gift it to someone special.

Stone Details : ?

Type : Diamonds (Natural)?

Number of stones : 12?

Shape : Round?

Color : White?

Clarity : H-I, I1-I2?

Stone Weight : 1/2 ct TDW?

Metal Information amp; Dimensions : ?

Type : 925 Sterling Silver?

Color : White?

Jewelry Finish : Polished?

Band Width : 1-2mm?

Ring Setting Dimension : Width-1.8 x Length-19.4 x Height-3.7?

Ring size : 5,6,7,8,9?

Diamond total Weight : 1/2 cttw?

Cali Trove 925 Sterling Silver Accent Round White Natural Diamon

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