$26,D,1-1/2",Westbrass,Trip,/attractions/tokushima-prefecture,Tubular,Waste,Lever,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,White,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,592244-01,Bath $26 Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1/2" Tubular Trip Lever Bath Waste D Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1 2" Tubular Department store D Trip Lever Waste Bath $26,D,1-1/2",Westbrass,Trip,/attractions/tokushima-prefecture,Tubular,Waste,Lever,www.risingsunickford.co.uk,White,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,592244-01,Bath $26 Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1/2" Tubular Trip Lever Bath Waste D Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1 2" Tubular Department store D Trip Lever Waste Bath

Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1 2

Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1/2" Tubular Trip Lever Bath Waste D


Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1/2" Tubular Trip Lever Bath Waste D

Product description

Color:Polished Brass

Product Description

Use this bath waste and overflow assembly from Westbrass to complete your bathroom. Featuring everything you need for a tub installation, this White polypropylene assembly with metal trim includes a trip lever mechanism and beehive grid. Available in classic Polished Brass finish on the exposed trim, this item sure to complement your existing fixtures.

From the Manufacturer

Westbrass was founded in 1935 by two brothers, Jack and Aaron Kagan, to serve the needs of all plumbing wholesalers on the West Coast. The product lines at the time included items such as faucets, valves, malleable fittings, etc. After becoming the premier distributor of plumbing products, the company was bought in 1985 by Max Homami. Seeing a boom in the Home Improvement Industry, Mr. Homami had a vision to make Westbrass the leader in Kitchen amp; Bath Accessories.

The company currently manufactures its own products made of the highest quality materials. In order to ensure the excellence in the industry, these products are made to pass the highly stringent requirements of NSF, IAPMO, ADA and many other regulations. The Los Angeles-based company now sells a wide range of Plumbing Specialty Products, Bath Waste amp; Overflows, as well as Decorative Kitchen amp; Bath Accessories worldwide. 

Westbrass holds several patented items including the Deep Soak Overflow designed for extra-deep soaking in most bathing-wells, the Closing Linear overflow and several other intellectual properties. The customer base includes kitchen amp; bath showrooms, plumbing wholesalers and supply houses, OEM and ODM companies, as well as several national home centers.

From the manufacturer

Westbrass 592244-01 White 1-1/2" Tubular Trip Lever Bath Waste D

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