Gabriel G56805 Ultra Pack 1 Strut Sales of SALE items from new works Pack,Strut,,$27,Gabriel,1,Ultra,G56805,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/Iguania1540319.html $27 Gabriel G56805 Ultra Strut, 1 Pack Automotive Replacement Parts Pack,Strut,,$27,Gabriel,1,Ultra,G56805,,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/Iguania1540319.html Gabriel G56805 Ultra Pack 1 Strut Sales of SALE items from new works $27 Gabriel G56805 Ultra Strut, 1 Pack Automotive Replacement Parts

Gabriel G56805 Ultra Pack 1 Strut Sales discount of SALE items from new works

Gabriel G56805 Ultra Strut, 1 Pack


Gabriel G56805 Ultra Strut, 1 Pack

Product description

Product Description

Precision-engineered for the ultimate in safety and performance, Struts by Gabriel provide improved comfort and control, long life and durability, and maximum shock performance equipped with G-Force technology featuring Infinitely Variable Damping for on-demand control on all road conditions. And like all Gabriel shocks and struts, Ultra spring seats feature a super-finished chromed piston rod for superior corrosion resistance and a leak-proof piston seal which extends product life.

Ultra struts from the Original Gabriel breathe new life into a vehicle’s suspension, making Ultra an excellent choice for great performance under a variety of conditions. They’re for the person who enjoys driving, wants to maximize their driving experience and demands increased performance, safety and handling from their vehicle.

Super-finished chromed piston rod provides superior corrsion resistance
for longer life. View larger

Gabriel Ultra struts are precision-engineered for the ultimate in safety and performance and are designed to provide improved comfort and control, long life and durability, and maximum shock performance for today’s passenger cars.

Ultra struts are equipped with G-Force technology featuring:

  • Infinitely Variable Damping for on-demand control on all road conditions
  • StableSteer Valving improving tire contact with the road for control, safety and performance
  • G-Force Piston with bonded iron construction for long life and durability
  • OE designed single lip oil seal minimizes friction for optimal sealing
  • Orifice Control Disk for consistent control for comfort and stability

And like all Gabriel shocks and struts, Ultra shocks feature:

  • A super-finished chromed piston rod to inhibit corrosion, ensure proper seal lubrication, provide a more consistent wear surface
  • A leak-proof piston seal which extends product life
  • D.O.M. (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) Tubing that reduces internal wear for longer product life
About Gabriel

Starting in 1907, Gabriel invented the original shock absorber, followed by the first hydraulic shock absorber, the first adjustable shock absorber and the first air adjustable shock absorber. And today, it's still that same innovative, independent American company--building high-performance shocks and struts that cover over 96% of North American vehicles. Gabriel continues adding new product coverage, including expanding their line of ReadyMount strut assemblies, which make installation faster, safer and easier. And Gabriel continues that independent spirit, working hard to deliver innovative new products and services, every day.

From the manufacturer

Gabriel G56805 Ultra Strut, 1 Pack

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